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User Profile – Error retrieving data

This post is related to some of the new features found in SharePoint 2010. Since the switch to the new architecture of Service Applications and the passing of the Shared Service Provider things have moved around and there are a whole new set of issues you can get yourself into.

When you are creating My Sites you will notice some things like Ask Me About, Skills, Interests and some other fields are showing an error when trying to edit your profile.

With the introduction of the Service Applications you now need to be sure that you have your Web Applications and Service Applications correctly associated with each other. To get to the association location from Central Admin click on the Application Management link from the quick nav bar. Once that screen opens find the “Configure service application associations” link under the Service Applications section.

You can now configure which Service Applications are associated with the different Web Applications and Service Applications. There is a whole other topic on creating different Application Proxy Groups, but I’m not going to go into that now since it involves using PowerShell.

To solve the error we have found while trying to edit our profile we need to make sure that the Web Application and Service Applications have the User Profile Service Application and Managed Metadata Service in the same Application Proxy Group.

There are 2 different views so you need to make sure both are set. To change the View use the dropdown. Click on the link in the Web Application / Service Application column and on the window that opens make sure both options are checked.

That should fix your problem and make the error message go away.

More fun stuff in 2010!

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